Learn how having more twitter followers gives you an edge

The word opulence means exhibiting luxury or wealth as evidenced by sumptuous living. But ask a Tweep (people who are actively engaged on Twitter) what opulence is and you’ll hear something like “large number of followers”. Indeed it does matter how many followers you have on twitter especially for the knowns like actors, sportsmen and journalists.

The truth is that followers attract followers, the greater the number of followers you have the more likelihood of you attracting more followers because of re-tweets, your profile being portrayed as a trend and your followers acting for you as marketing agents. This aspect is great for businesses and people who want to reach out to a wider audience.

In a recent statement by twitter spokesperson it was revealed that the greater the number of followers you have the more often your profile would appear to the box left of your feed where twitter suggests people for you to follow.  As a result many large companies and individuals have adapted the growing trend of buying twitter followersThe bottom line is, if you want to turn one follower into thousands purchasing twitter followers will give you the edge.